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Guest Artist Program

The Cats want to showcase new talent.  There are two levels of involvement.

Guest Appearance. If you would like to make a guest appearance with the Cat’s Pajamas:


  • Contact Jeff Anvinson or Greg Jeffrey.
  • Provide a short sample of your singing / playing.  This could be an mp3 file or a link to an audio or video file.
  • We will review, and let you know if there is a specific gig that might fit your talents.

We’ll Explore Possibilities

  • We’ll then discuss one or two numbers that you might like to do.  We’ll help you choose something appropriate for a specific gig.
  • That done, we’ll ask you to provide a ‘lead sheet’ with chord symbols in your preferred key; or if that is not possible, provide a link or recording.


  • We will determine if the songs/keys/arrangements are suitable for a specific gig, then schedule a mutually convenient rehearsal time either in Grand Forks or Fargo.
  • Compensation is based upon a number of factors, but usually limited to travel expenses.


Guest Artist.  These are artists who make regular appearances with the Cats.

  • Guest artists are eligible for performance fees and commissions on bookings.
  • How commissions work:
    • Guest artists will be issued official Cat’s business cards, promotional materials, and helpful tips on how to ‘make the sale.’
    • If you know of an opportunity to perform, an advance courtesy call to Jeff or Greg is appreciated.  However, opportunities often appear unexpectedly. In this case, our over-riding attitude is ‘make the pitch.’ We can work out details later.
    • If the Guest Artist makes the initial outreach/pitch resulting in a gig:
      • They will be eligible for a 10% gross commission of the performance fees. 
      • They will be given ‘right of first refusal’ to perform at the gig.
      • If the gig results in repeat business with that particular client, the Guest Artist will receive a 10% commission on every Cats engagement with that particular client for a period of 12 months from the date of the first engagement, independent of whether the Guest Artist performs the date(s).

Interested? Contact us!

Jeff Anvinson   Greg Jeffrey
(701) 215-8095   (701) 205-6366

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